Achievement Standard: Music 91090:
Perform two pieces of music as a featured soloist

Resource reference: Music 1.1 v2
Resource title: Solo Performance
Credits: 6

Achievement -
Perform two pieces of music as a featured soloist.
Achievement with Merit - Perform two pieces of music effectively as a featured soloist.
Achievement with Excellence - Perform two pieces of music convincingly as a featured soloist.

Student instructions:


In this activity, you will perform live two pieces of music as a featured soloist.

You will perform your solos either on one occasion or on two different occasions – your teacher will give you the performance date or dates.
You should aim to present a musically satisfying performance.
Your performance must take place in a suitable location before an audience and will be assessed as a whole, rather than placing too much emphasis on small inaccuracies or minor slip-ups that do not affect the fluency of your performance.
If the music you choose is written for solo instrument with accompaniment, you should find an accompanist in order to provide a complete performance of the music. The accompanist is not being assessed, but you need to make sure that she or he is capable and will not spoil your preparation and effort. You may use a recorded backing if you cannot get a live accompanist. 
The same applies if the music needs a rhythm section or instrumental group as accompaniment. If you perform as part of a small group, you must be easily seen and heard, have a central or leading role, and play a separate or uniquely identifiable solo part.
You may choose to perform traditional forms of Māori music.
You will choose your own instrument or instruments. If you present each performance on a different instrument, you must be equally good on each one. In this standard, you are not assessed on versatility.
Your teacher will advise you about the type, length, and complexity of the pieces of music you will perform. Confirm your final choice with your teacher.
You should provide your teacher with a copy of each piece of music for your assessment, as either a notated score or an audio recording, so that your assessor can monitor accuracy.
If your performance includes improvisation, this will be assessed according to its appropriateness to the musical style.
Your performance will be recorded for moderation and evaluation purposes.
Technical skills, musical skills, and presentation skills will be assessed.
·       Technical skills are techniques specific to the instrument used for the performance, for example, tuning, bowing, embouchure, breathing, consistency in changing registers, playing techniques, and consistency of tone.
·       Musical skills include the musical awareness and understanding of the musical style(s) you demonstrate through your performance, including phrasing, dynamics, rhythm, and feel. 
·       Presentation skills involve conveying a sense of performance appropriate to the genre and style of the music, appropriate posture, and stagecraft.