Achievement Standard Making Music 91416: 
Perform two programmes of music as a featured soloist
Resource reference: Making Music 3.1
Resource title: Blow your own trumpet
Credits: 8

Achievement - Perform two programmes of music as a featured soloist.
Achievement with Merit - Perform two programmes of music effectively as a featured soloist.
Achievement with Excellence - Perform two programmes of music convincingly as a featured soloist.

Student Instructions: 

This assessment activity requires you to perform two programmes of music at two different concerts (one programme at each concert).
You will be assessed on how effectively and convincingly you perform.

You will perform as a featured soloist at two different concerts. You may choose to do as many mock performances as your teacher allows in order to receive feedback. Your two programmes of music will be assessed holistically.

Your programmes will include approximately 10-15 minutes of music altogether. One programme may include between one and three pieces of music. If you only play one piece in your programme, perform more than one movement of the piece.

You may be able to perform at a school or community concert. Alternatively, your teacher may require you to play a leading role in organising a suitable event at which to perform. Perform your two programmes of music in front of an audience.

This assessment activity will occur at a point in the year when you are ready to perform, in negotiation with your teacher.

Your choice of repertoire should show variation between styles and tempi and should be difficult enough that it allows you to demonstrate imagination, creativity, and musicianship. Have your pieces approved by your teacher in advance to ensure that they are suitable for this standard.

Your performances will be filmed for assessment. A written score or professional audio recording must be submitted to your teacher before your assessment so that they can assess your accuracy against it.

You may be accompanied or unaccompanied. Your accompaniment, should you choose to have any, may be a small group. Make sure you can be easily seen and heard and play a uniquely identifiable part.