New Zealand Popular Music

1950 onwards:
Where did Rock’n’Roll come from?
What was the song that influenced the emergence of Rock’n’Roll in New Zealand?
Who was Johnny Cooper? 
What was the reaction from New Zealand musician towards Rock’n’Roll music?
What did the general public think of the new music?
Who was Johnny Devlin? 
Where was he from?
Describe Johnny Devlin’s lifestyle.
Name the venue where Rock’n’Roll really took off in New Zealand.
How did Rock’n’Roll affect the culture of young New Zealanders?
Describe the music of Max Merrit and The Meteors.
Why was Christchurch such an important place for New Zealand musicians?
What was unique about Dinah Lee?
What was the #1 song released by Ray Columbus and The Invaders? 
How did people react to this band and their hit song?