The Late 1970’s: By the late 1970’s, New Zealand rock’n’roll is ripe for redevelopment. Despite a brief punk revolution that threatened to herald the end of traditional rock’n’roll, there is no shortage of young Kiwi lads strapping on guitars and dreaming of becoming rock gods. Th’ Dudes spearhead a new wave of local bands keen to play their own songs. Meanwhile, Split Enz comes very close to world domination with their hit album True Colours. But ultimately, it is a musical DIY philosophy that sees local music talent into the eighties.

New Zealand Popular Music

Episode 4: Anarchy in the Air: Watch this episode and pay particular attention to the information and music of Split Enz and The Swingers.

Split Enz – I Got You
Split Enz formed in 1972 and featured Tim Finn on vocals and guitar. They had frequent changes of band members and image over the twelve years they were together. Many people thought they were quite bizarre. In 1980 the song I Got You was their first number one single in NZ. They had four more number one singles:  One Step Ahead, History Never Repeats, Dirty Creature and Six Months in a Leaky Boat. Neil Finn and Paul Hester went on to form the very successful band Crowded House in 1984.

Questions to answer on your own document:
HOOKS: in Music a “hook” is a catchy idea that is repeated throughout a song. Often it is also the title of the song. What is the hook in I Got You?
INSTRUMENTS: there are some instruments that feature in Split Enz which you don’t usually find in a pop/rock band. What are they?
KEY FEATURES: what are the key features of this song that you think made it so internationally appealing?
NEIL FINN: joined this band quite late. What was the impact of his contribution to the band?
BAND IMAGE: what is your reaction to the wackiness of Split Enz’ early style in image and musical style?

The Swingers – Counting the Beat
Auckland band The Swingers formed in 1978 and split in 1982. They were formed by ex-Split Enz guitarist and vocalist Phil Judd. Counting the Beat is their most well-known song. It was number one in NZ in 1981.

Questions to answer on your own document:
RIFF: a riff is a short, repeated musical idea. Listen to this piece, which instruments play the riff in this song? Describe what the riff sounds like.
STYLE: what style of music is this? List the instruments you hear in this piece, describe the mood and tempo.
KEY FEATURES: what stands out in this song? How and why?

Questions to answer on your own document:
Write down the aspects of each of these songs that you think are effective. Explain why you think they are effective.
Do you like these two pieces? Explain why/why not?