Classical Composer Research


Using your research skills, find the answers to the questions on the following pages.
  1. You must use at least one text source (book), and at least one electronic source (web site).
  2. Text sources can include encyclopedias, dictionaries of music, or books about music.
  3. Web sites can most easily be found by going to the “Composer Links” page.  See your teacher for help if needed.
  4. You do not need to write in complete sentences on this questionnaire.
  5. You do need to spell correctly.

Internet/Web Site(s)
Location: http://

Personal Information: (answer all of the following questions)
Composer’s Name:
What period of time was he from?   
When was the composer born?
Where was the composer born?
When did the composer die?
Where did the composer die?
How did the composer die?   

Music Training: (answer 2 of the following 3 questions; use another piece of paper if necessary)
Where did the composer learn his music?   
What was the composers childhood like?
What other composers influenced this composer’s development? How?

General: (answer all of the following questions; use another piece of paper if necessary)
Name something special or one interesting fact about this composer.
Describe the composer’s family.
Travels he made as a musician.
Life as a musician: (answer both questions)
What was this composer most famous for in his life? (playing piano, writing music, etc.)
What jobs did this composer have as a musician? (Who did he work for? Where? Why? When?)

The Music (answer all 4 questions)
What kinds of music did this composer write? (symphonies, piano miniatures, etc.; How many?)
What are some of this composer’s most famous pieces? (Name at least 3.)
Name at least 3 pieces that you listened to.
Which was your favourite? Why?

Bonus (any of the following)Find a MIDI selection on the internet.

Where did you find this MIDI?
    Title of selection: ___________________________________________________
    Site title: __________________________________________________________
    Location: http://_____________________________________________________

Find a picture (graphic) of the composer on the internet?
Where did you find this graphic?
    Site title: __________________________________________________________
    Location: http://_____________________________________________________