We have had a quick look at how songs are written and also the meanings of the lyrics in them…
The task is as follows….

You are to look up the lyrics for a famous song, or one that you know well.

Take your time to do this before choosing a song, pick on that interests you or that has a significant meaning.
  • Copy them into a word document
  • Double space the words
  • Go thru the lyrics and highlight words that jump off the page at you and have some meaning, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the meaning that it portrays in the song.
  • Write the word, the meanings the words have for you
  • You then need to read thru the lyrics (you may need to do this a few times)
  • Mark the structure in the margin (intro, verse, chorus etc..)
  • Try to interpret the story (plot) of the song
  • Then attempt to find the actual meaning and/or story behind how the song was written.