1.Where is Reggae Music from?
2.In which sea is Jamaica?
3.What race influenced Jamaican Music?
4.When did Reggae become popular in Europe?
5.Name two other types of music that preceded Reggae in Jamaica.
6.How did Jamaicans find out about Rhythm ‘n’ Blues?
7.What is ‘Mento’?
8.What was one of the topics of Ska songs?
9.What musical roles did the rhythm and bass guitars have in rock steady?
10.What social movement is associated with Reggae?    Name one song that shows this.
11.With what religion is Reggae linked? How can you spot a Reggae musician?
12.Name three famous Reggae artists.
13.Why is Reggae music easy to copy?
14.What song did Blondie perform in a Reggae style?
15.What are the four musical elements of Reggae music?