Read all of the following instructions before continuing. - This is to be done independently!!
Use the net to research for these answers
1. For the following bands:
Name the main members, Instruments they played &
Name one famous song

a. The Beatles
b. The Beach Boys
c. Crowded House   
d. Dire Straits
e. The Doors
f. Jimi Hendrix
h. The Monkees
i. Pink Floyd
j. Iggy Pop and the Stooges
k. Queen
l. Rolling Stones
m. The Sex Pistols
n. Status Quo
o. Thin Lizzy
p. The Who
q. U2     
2. Answer all of the following:
Who had the following hits?

a.    I Get Around                                        (number7 - 1964)
b.    House of the Rising Sun
                        (number10 - 1964)
c.     A Hard Day’s Night
                        (number6 - 1964)
d.    Up, Up and Away
                        (number6 - 1967)
e.    Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head     
                        (number10 - 1970)
f.      Delta Dawn
                        (number6 - 1973)
g.    Counting the Beat
                        (number1 - 1981)
h.    Endless Love
                        (number8 - 1981)
i.      Live It Up
                        (number4 - 1985)
j.      Opposites Attract
                        (number7 - 1990)

3. Answer as many of the following:
a. Who called his guitar ‘Lucille’?
b. Why was ‘Lemon Jefferson’ a very talented Guitarist?
c. Who said “At last someone is playing Country Music with a beat” and who was he saying it about?
d. Who was Brian Epstein talking about when he said “One of these days these boys are going to be bigger than Elvis”?
e. What was the name of Johnny Cash’s Wife?
f. Who had the trademark call ‘Gabba Gabba Hey’?
g. Name 4 Bands that would be considered ‘Movers and Shakers’ in British Pop?
h. Who was dubbed the ‘First Lady of Country Music’, and had a hit with ‘Stand by Your Man’?