App or Software Research
The Keynote below gives you an idea of what you are to produce. Get on the net or App Store and find an App or piece of Software that you think will be beneficial to use in CAD this year. (you will present this to the class in a week's time)
Produce a Keynote / PowerPoint, which has:
  • Outline of the App (the basics of what it does)
  • How it can Help our class (details on the ways it will be beneficial)
  • The Platform(s) that it is available on
  • Main Features
  • Examples of what can be done (include examples you've found on the net and at least one that you've done yourself - This could be in the form of a screen video)
DO's and DON'T's:
The software must be Free (this could be the 'lite' Version of a full cost Application)
It must not be a Game (it could be a game designer, but no games are allowed)
It must not be Restricted software (13+, 15+ or other are no good)
Research heaps first before starting
Remember C.R.A.P. when putting together the PowerPoint or Keynote
Have Fun