Year 10 CAD - Design Brief – Sleep-out

A family is out-growing the space in their current home. It is proposed that a sleep-out be constructed for one of the teenage family members.

Design the sleep-out and draw up a set of plans. (the building site is level).

  • Be built to meet the requirements of the local authority to gain resource consent when building near boundaries
  • Be built using single-story light timber frame construction
  • Contain a small kitchen sink, basin, shower, toilet, sleeping area and a small porch over the entrance.
  • Consider access between the sleep-out and the house.
  • Not be any larger than 28m2.

In addition you will need to:
  • Consider the social issues, which will arise when the sleep-out is added to the section e.g. shadows, the sun, the effect on the neighbours, the needs of the users, the effect of having one member of the family living separately, compliance with building codes, etc.
  • Perhaps most importantly, consider the size of the furniture you are going to have in the sleep-out. You will need to measure the sizes of beds, drawer units, desks, t.v.’s etc.
The BBQ area and the clothesline can be moved or changed to fit in with the new design.

Folio Requirements:
Each of these requirements below must be evident in your completed folio:-
  1. Write a personal statement, which sets out the reasons and the requirements for the building in the back yard. Identify at least 4 societal or environmental priorities you will consider. Later when you evaluate your finished project you will measure its success against this statement.
  2. Research and evaluate in detail two existing sleep-out designs. Record your findings with notes.
  3. For DCC Resource Consent to be obtained buildings must be 1.200 clear of the boundaries and for each 1.000 of height over 3.000 this distance must increase by 0.300.
  4. Generate a series of concept ideas for the site plan, and the floor plan. Use two dimensional and three dimensional sketches with notes of your possible solutions. As you plan the position and floor layout you should also be thinking about the external appearance of your sleep-out and making sketches of these as well.
  5. Develop your ideas, using sketches and notes, to reach a solution that meets the requirements of the brief. Ensure these ideas meet the design specifications.
  6. Produce to scale:-
    1. The site plan for the sleep-out as it relates to the back of the house.
    2. The sleep-outs floor plan showing all main dimensions. Include doorways, windows, bathroom and kitchen fittings, overall dimensions, etc. Show a title block and the scale, etc.
    3. A section through the sleep-out showing the main construction details.
    4. At least 2 elevations of your sleepout
    5. An instrumental pictorial drawing of your sleep-out.
  7. Evaluate your final solution against the specifications and statement you wrote in 2. (this will happen once we have completed these plans in both FloorPlanner and ArchiCad)