Road to Rock and Roll

Copy the following into a Word document (or similar) and answer the questions...

1. Describe the music from the south.
2. Which area of America was Elvis from?
3. What was one of the principle ingredients of music from the south?
4. What was one of the few diversions available to those working in the cotton fields?
5. What two types of music came together to form the blues?
5. When were the Memphis blues and the St Louis blues published?
6. Which song became the most recorded song in American history?
7. In what decade did blues cross over into popular music?
8. Who was regarded as the best classic blues singer?
9. What sort of music did record companies bring back from the south?
10. The blues are made up of how many chords?
11. What was the music of white people known as?
12. What was the distinctive feature of Jimmie Rodgers music?
13. What spread the popularity of country music?
14. What changed in country music after the 2nd world war?
15. In what year did Elvis Presley come on the scene?
16. What style of music dominated country music in the 1940s and 1950s and, who was its biggest star?
17. What was the title of his breakthrough record?
18. Who was the influential musician in the Chicago blues scene?
19. What helped spread the music being played by black musicians to the white people in America?
20. What is the difference between “Blues” and “Rhythm and Blues”?
21. Who was the musician who could be said to have created Rock ’n’ Roll?