Listening to Funk
  1. In what decade was Black music enjoying its greatest commercial success...
  2. Who was the musician called the “Grandfather of Funk”?
  3. What influenced his approach to music?
  4. What group of Americans did he represent and support in his music?
  5. He reinvented the idea of ____________________ in popular music.
  6. He had a reputation for having the ____________________ band in show business.
  7. Who was the DJ who led a group of musicians that brought a fresh attitude to funk?
  8. In what year was “Sly and the Family Stone” formed?
  9. What was the name of their first hit song?
  10. Which instrument did “Sly and the Family Stone” bring to the front in the music?
  11. What number did “Sly and the Family Stone” reach on the pop charts? Why?