Orchestra Project

In the time you have, you are to research an instrument of the orchestra and find out the following information:
  • History of the Instrument
    • Include: Background of where the instrument came from.
    • How the instrument is made.
    • What it is made of, and has been made from in the past.

  • Range of the Instrument
    • Include: Keyboard showing the range of the instrument

  • Position in the Orchestra
    • Include: The Section (eg: Woodwind), as well as Family (eg: Saxophone… Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass)
    • Position within the Orchestra (eg: Saxophone… Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass)

  • Breakdown of the Instrument
    • Include: Picture of it
    • All parts labeled
    • Where appropriate, cross section or exploded views

  • A famous musician that plays your instrument
    • Include: Background History of the Musician
    • Picture

You will need to have all this information for after I return as we will be putting together a poster on your chosen instrument…
for now though this is just the research phase…
Minimum size of the poster is A3
Presentation will follow the completion of the posters...